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Caldwell University Counseling with Art Therapy Specialization M.A. Program

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The Healing Arts.. Current Blog written by Cathy Malchiodi, Art Therapist Author and Scholar

Check out Art Therapy Films on the International Art Therapy Organization Site!
Join the international art therapy research dialogue via the International Art Therapy Research Collaborative on LinkedIn; participate in our interactive discussion boards, submit news and links to information, and receive updates from your colleagues. Hosted by Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPAT, LPCC, this group is part of the Art Therapy Alliance on LinkedIn. And it's free to join!

Fusion:  The E-Zine for Planet Art Therapy FUSION is a publication of Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc. in partnership with The Art Therapy Alliance and International Art Therapy Organization.  Fusion is a new energy, excitement, and blend of ideas, cultures, and people for a sustainable future in art therapy.

Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc. – is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit incorporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and networking purposes to promote, develop, and support international art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide.  ATWB was founded in April 2010 to meet the need for an  organization dedicated to a global art therapy community and the use of art in service to others in need through art therapy, art in healthcare, and art for social transformation. http://www.atwb.org/Resources.html  

Mesothelioma - Many experts believe art therapy, as a complement to traditional medicine and therapy, can help people express, and thereby better manage, pain and feelings that have arisen as a result of a variety of issues including cancers such as Mesothelioma.  Under the care of a professional, patients diagnosed with mesothelioma and other cancers might benefit by engaging in art therapy in accordance with other treatments.

Want to connect with other art therapists who share common interests?

The Art Therapy Alliance also includes subgroups on different topics and specific populations for sharing of information, ideas, resources, and meeting other art therapists related to these areas.  Check out this page to learn about Linked In groups and find a new way to connect to art therapy!

Art Therapy Without Borders has launched it’s International Postcard Art Exchange which officially launched this month and runs until April 2011. The goal of this collaborative art project is to allow community members from the Art Therapy Alliance, International Art Therapy Organization, and Art Therapy Without Borders to receive postcard art from art therapists and art therapy students living all over the world. During this six month event, art therapists and art therapy students will be sending one postcard of art to each of the people in their assigned group. On the back of their postcard art, participants will be writing about their work as an art therapist or studies as an art therapy student where they live. This will be great to learn more about art therapy & the work of art therapists worldwide!

If you are a facebook member, please join any of the following groups to discuss current topics and stay connected to fellow peers, art therapists, and scholars in the field:

Cultural Diversity in Art Therapy
Art Therapy Network
International Art Therapy Organization (IATO) Group
Art Therapy is the Love-Child of Psychology and Art
Art Therapy Group